Game Add-ons

Last Update: 09-28-22

Addon Manager: MINION (download it from here)

How to install MINION

Add-ons that I use to make my game more enjoyable


  • Arkadius' Trade Tools by: Arkadius
  • Master Merchant 3.0 by: Sharlikran
  • Awesome GuildStore by: sirinsidiator
  • Tamriel Trade Centre by: cyxui (links your data with TTC website)

User Interface

  • Bandits User Interface by: Hoft (incl mini map & dozens of other options)
  • Clean My Chat by: Tyx
  • Clock - Tamriel Standard Time - Legacy by: Tyx
  • Postmaster Mail by: silvereyes
  • Slightly Improved Experience Bar by: L8Knight
  • Medic - UI Fixed by: sirinsidiator


  • DecoTrack by: Cardinal05
  • Essential Housing Tools by: Cardinal05


  • Auto Guild Welcome by: Phobus11
  • Guild Hall Button by: BoarGules

Inventory / Bags

  • Auto-Category by: Shadowfen
  • Inventory Insight by: manavortex
  • Show Motifs by: mra4nii

Game Play

  • Auto Recharge (and Repair) by: XanDDemoX
  • BeamMeUp - Teleporter (Faster Travel) by: @DeadSoon
  • Dungeon Tracker by: Phinix
  • Dustman by: Garkin
  • FCO Lockpicer by: Baertram
  • Journal Quest Log by: Enodoc
  • GrubMaster Food & Drink Auto Consume by: aethronx
  • NoAccidentalStealing (+no accidental casting) by: Shinni
  • RaidNotifier Updated by: Kyoma
  • RealCP by: MrPikPik
  • Improved Companion Rapport Information by: code65536
  • Port to Friend's House by: Sordrak

Crafting / Writs

  • CraftStore Lost Depths by: Rhyono
  • Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter by: Dolgubon
  • Potion Maker (for Alchemy Crafting) by: facit


  • Display Leads - with Location Info by: remosito

Treasure & Survey / Maps

  • Lost Treasure by: CrazyDutchGuy
  • Destinations by: Sharlikran


  • Votan's Fish Fillet by: votan

Farming / Harvesting

  • HarvestMap by: Shinni
  • Map Pins by: Hoft


  • LovelyEmotes by: ShinyBones


  • Export AddOn by: Keldor
  • Game Data Export AddOn by: Keldor
  • BugCatcher Updated by: Shadowfen


  • ShutYerTrap by: remosito


  • Alliance Buddy by: Minceraft