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Last Update: 12-1-22

Illusions of Reality


@FKAPfairies Primary Residennce

We are primarily a questing guild, but we also have a focus on dungeons. If you like adventure and you like being a part of an ESO family that works together then IOR is for you! We are a budding guild up and coming and we are going to take the ESO questing realm by storm. We welcome new or existing players with open arms so please apply with us today.

You will find in our guild that all members from the Guild Master to the Recruit… really it's mostly just a title, you will find everyone here is equal. Even if you're brand new to highly experienced like our GM here everyone has their strengths to help one another.

We travel all over the maps with no hesitation so if you're needing a friendly hand, whisper your fellow members and in no time at all if they're able they will be right along. We advance together because together we are stronger.

If you find yourself in need of anything such as an outfit station or alchemy etc. those that have them will happily make the time to help you proceed with leveling those up as well.

Join today, start some grand adventures and make some new friends along the way. Your GM and Lead(s) will just be a whisper away should any problems arise.

Much love, and we look forward to many harmonious adventures with our IOR family

Guild Discord is available to members only - please see the invite link on the MOTD (message of the day) page in game.

Our Guild Tabard, it is located in any NPC guild store you may visit throughout the game.

Fun fact is: Definition of tabard

: a short loose-fitting sleeveless or short-sleeved coat or cape: such as
a : a tunic worn by a knight over his armor and emblazoned with his arms
b : a herald's official cape or coat emblazoned with his lord's arms
c : a woman's sleeveless outer garment often with side slits

Example - This is OUR Guild Tabard

Please look for it to represent our guild when you travel throughout the worlds!

(unless it makes your hard earned outfit look silly, then we understand) <3.

Learn about MUNDUS Stones (offsite link)