RP Guild

Dark and Devious Passions

We are a guild that is open to both experienced and new players, we are a guild set around lots of different venues in the game.. we are an RP/ERP guild in a casual manner (this will be done via private means such as whispers or private groups NOT in guild chat! You MUST be 18+!

We also specialize in questing, dungeons, crafting, houses, fishing, trading and so on. We work together when called upon because that helps us all grow.

You will find our guild house is growing and will be accommodating for all sorts of needs (FKAP house - Stillwater Retreat is where it is located..it currently is a work in progress)

We will NOT TOLERATE any form of abuse/bullying against members in a derogatory way that is NOT intended in a per-eranged ERP/RP. IF this is happening please mail or whisper either the Dark Goddess or Dark Lord and they will handle the matter.

We are here FUN, RELAXATION and to ENJOY ourselves. Let's make our kinky, passionate, fun, family grow!!

Love to all <3